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A professional physical fitness environment to do the exercise and workouts necessary to look your best!

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Personal Trainers

South Miami Fitness welcomes all personal trainers and their clients.

We currently have some of the best personal trainers and fitness experts who train at South Miami Fitness.

Personal training is different at South Miami Fitness. Our trainers are all independent and operate as private contractors. Each trainer has their own fee structure. This means our members do not have to purchase outrageously priced training packages. You pay your trainer directly or you can put us in contact with your own personal trainer that you are already using to make arrangements.

Currently, we have 5 independent trainers to choose from. Please contact us for a complete list of their contact information and to learn more about the services they offer.

South Miami Fitness

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South Miami Fitness

If you are a trainer and are interested in learning more about South Miami Fitness please  contact us.

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Membership Rates:


  • South Miami Fitness offers competitive rates for new memberships
  • Our memberships are month-to-month with no long term contracts
  • We offer daily work out rates and special rates for out of town guests
  • Receive credit for your current gym membership
  • Ask about our discount packages that include an Orangetheory Fitness Membership